Nothing that Comes Easily is Worth It
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All around us, there are messages trying to seduce us with what can be easily obtained: the dream job without experience, the perfect relationship that you will have without effort, the perfect abs in just four weeks, etc.

However, what is truly valuable is rarely obtained without effort or struggle.

This book provides you with a wealth of details about the transformative power of difficulty. You will learn why the right path is the one where you encounter effort and perseverance. And yes, after reading this book, you will be a much stronger person mentally!

Below you can read an excerpt from this book:

Have you ever observed a toddler’s behavior? If they want a particular toy and their parents refuse to give it to them, they immediately start screaming at the top of their lungs. Not all parents can resist such screams. When a child screams for something, it puts parents on high alert. The louder and longer the child’s screams, the more alarmed the parents become. If the child’s screams are not caused by pain or illness, the parents will do everything they can to fulfill their child’s desire. They want to make their child stop crying.

The child wants a very expensive toy? Well, if that’s what he wants, and he understands that screaming is a way to get it, he will use that scream without hesitation. He feels that the intensity of his screams determines whether or not his desire will be fulfilled.

From a very young age, instinct teaches him a crucial lesson about success. This lesson goes something like this: “The louder you scream for your desire, the faster you will get it.” Or, to put it in more adult language, the lesson would be: “The harder you fight for your desire, the faster you will get it.”

A child’s scream can represent an act of will. Later, after years and years, the child, now an adult, will no longer use screaming, but rather an act of will.

With an iron will, you can achieve your desires. This will must be continuous and unwavering. Willpower forms an alliance with perseverance. An unbeatable alliance. Will and perseverance. To want, but not just anyhow, but continuously, until the desire is fulfilled. Will means to start and to go, and perseverance means to go all the way, not just halfway.

Why do children scream so loudly and for so long when they want something very badly? Why don’t they just scream for a few seconds and then stop? It is very likely that they instinctively know the secret of success: “It is not enough to just scream. You have to scream with perseverance.” In other words, children may instinctively know what perseverance means before they actually learn the concept of perseverance. They notice that a short or very short scream does not bring them results. After a short scream, the parents do not go on high alert. If silence follows this scream, the parents immediately calm down, go about their lives, and the child remains with his desire unfulfilled. Therefore, the child knows that he must persevere with the scream. Until when? Until his parents pay attention to him and mobilize urgently to please him.

We, as adults, find it extraordinary to learn that a child knows how to channel his energy in this way. A screaming child knows what perseverance means and directs all the energy he is capable of towards fulfilling his desire.

In fact, we adults have a very important lesson to learn from such children who use screaming (and perseverance) and do not give up until they see their dream come true. How hard are you “screaming” right now to see your desires fulfilled? How many people have given up “screaming” because they think their “screaming” is not bringing them the desired results?

Have you noticed the reality of a child who doesn’t know what it means to give up and be consoled? When it comes to screaming for his desire, the child screams until he suffocates and is ready to faint. But he seems not to know what it is to give up. He only knows that he must scream until the adults pay attention to him.

We could say that a child who screams to exhaustion for his desire is a child who uses his will and perseverance. As we know, many parents, unable to fulfill all the whims or desires of their screaming offspring, resign themselves to these screams of the child, endure them stoically, and the child, in the end, is forced to stop screaming. Starting from this fact, after many years, the child who has become an adult learns another lesson, but one that is opposite to the art of success.

Unfortunately, he also learns this lesson: “Stop, because you will not succeed!” Imagine what an important lesson a child would learn whose parents could fulfill all his desires, if he cries and screams with perseverance. Growing up and becoming an adult, he would learn this lesson: “If you persevere long enough, you will get your wish.”

Of course, we must keep in mind certain limits. It is not right to immediately satisfy all the desires or whims of the child, because you will teach him to be spoiled, a person who expects to receive everything ready-made, without making any constructive effort for it. The example of the child’s scream has an educational role.

If you know what you want out of life, it’s imperative to have an infinite amount of willpower and perseverance by your side. Keep going until you succeed! If you haven’t succeeded yet, keep going! But never stop, no matter what! It’s much better for you to keep going, to fight, to take one more step, and then another. Banish your hesitations and take another step!

Success is not behind you, but ahead of you, and you can only reach it if you are determined to continue taking steps. Success is not in your comfort zone, it doesn’t lie where you feel safest, but it awaits you on the summit that you must climb continuously, with willpower, with patience, gritting your teeth, with the desire to fight and to embrace any challenge with an open heart.

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